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Looking for custom coding for your Amibroker strategy?

Amibroker is one of the most widely used trading systems globally.

It offers a large bucket of features and is especially popular for charting, technical analysis, and market screening.

Many of these features are in-built into the system and are easy to use. But when you want to create a custom system, it can be developed only in Amibroker’s proprietary language called AFL (Amibroker Formula Language).

Although AFL is relatively easy, not all its users are able to learn the language efficiently enough.

If such is your case, then we are here to help!

ArqueTech now offers custom coding services for AFL.

Here are some of the things we can help you do:

Custom indicators/charts: For eg., Renko charts are not commonly available in many trading systems; we can code these in AmiBroker indicators as required.

Trading through multiple timeframes: All your values and indicators can be adjusted based on any time frame of your choice, ranging from tick-by-tick to monthly.

Sustainability period of 1 hour: This means that one can check if buy conditions have been valid for a period of the last 60 minutes (or any other time period based on the user’s choice)

Precise strategy execution: Any bugs/problems/glitches in the system can be fixed to exactly implement the required strategy.

AFL can be tough to code because it is an array processing language, making it more complex than other languages such as C++, Java. Flawless execution in AFL requires a certain amount of skill.

So, don’t waste your time trying to learn a new language. Outsource it to us and focus all your attention on building a profitable, low-risk strategy!

Please reach out to us via Whatsapp/call on 9321136466 or email on algo@arque.tech

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