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Introducing ArqueTrader - an Algo Trading Platform custom built for your needs

Our country has witnessed a massive surge in the extent of trading being done on the exchanges (all including NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX as well as international markets) in the past few years and especially during the past couple of months, owing to the crisis situation.

To make trading more efficient & capture profits, more & more traders are moving to an automated form of trading. It has been amply proven & established that automated trading has significant advantages over manual trading.

Earlier, we busted some commonly-feared myths about algo trading. Today, we are introducing to you, the ArqueTrader, a one-of-its-kind algo trading platform, which can be fully customized according to your trading requirements.

Why choose ArqueTrader?

  • It is custom built. This means that all your trading requirements (monitoring, signal generation, order book, algo portfolios) can be included in the system.

  • You have complete management control: Multi client, multiple broker, multiple algo strategies

  • Any kind of rule or complexity can be incorporated intro the trading logic.

  • All levels of automation are possible (zero touch, one touch)

  • Faster & more efficient: These systems are made in high performance computing languages like C++ and Java which makes them faster & more efficient. They can send out more than 100 orders per second.

  • Stability: Our team is constantly working on adding new features & upgrading the system. The ArqueTrader has evolved over time with experience of 100+ algo projects, making it the most stable & robust custom algo trading platform in India today.

  • Robustness: A normal Amibroker bridge/other algo trading platforms can handle only 20-30 portfolios at a time. After this, it starts suffering from missed signals/crashes, etc. The ArqueTrader is capable of handling over 2000 portfolios without loss of efficiency.

  • Higher performance & better execution: We can build superior execution algos, on top of signal/alpha generating algos, to reduce slippage & increase profit margins. This feature is unique to our system.

Since our inception, we have built 100+ algos on ArqueTrader, connecting to brokers like Zerodha, IIFL, Phillip Capital, Motilal Oswal, Sharekhan, 5paisa, Finvasia, Composite Edge, Master Trust, Alice Blue, Nirmal Bang, Prabhudas Lilladher, Fryers and even international brokers like Interactive Brokers.

To view a demo of ArqueTrader, please reach out to us via Whatsapp/call on 9321136466 or email on algo@arque.tech

For our complete list of services, visit www.arque.tech

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