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Eliminating this form of risk while trading

When trading on the stock markets, a cardinal rule for all traders is to eliminate risk as far as possible. While risk is always understood to be a financial risk, there is one more factor that significantly impacts trading output, and that is “emotional risk”.

Traders spend all their time in developing a great profit-making, risk-averse strategy. But the true driving force behind any trade is emotions.

Despite the profit potential of any given strategy, emotional reactions can lead to a bad outcome. Fear, greed, hope & regret are the four biggest emotions that govern any trade.

Setting strong discipline patterns is a good way of overcoming them. But even then, having complete control is close to humanly impossible.

The easiest solution to this grave problem is one that man has been using since “modern ages” began - mechanization. Machines have been used to perform mundane tasks and eliminate all human error since times immemorial. Stock markets are the latest industry to journey down this path using algorithmic trading.

Algorithms can execute trading strategies with complete efficiency & greater speed.

Consider the image below. Which one would you rather be using?

In our earlier post, we shared advantages of algo trading vs manual trading.

Today, algo trading technology is easily available to all traders in the market. It is no longer the future, it is now the new normal.

So, don't lose your trading edge, use algos

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