Client sends detailed requirements of the project

Costing, timeline & terms of project shared

Project Approval

Project approved

Advance payment (50%) made by client

Detailed Requirements Document shared (includes  algo parameters, algo logic, risk checks, broker details, etc.)


Algo Parameters: Values modifiable by client

(start/end time, scrip, qty, stop loss, target, RSI period, etc)

Design Approval

Algo Monitor: Output metrics continuously viewable during run time (MTM, order status, executed price, qty executed, etc)

Front end design doc shared

Front end design doc shared

Look & feel of algo system shared via snapshots/demo

Back end development: Includes market data, order, login, API connect, etc

System coding by Arque Tech team


Algo logic coding (Any doubts in the logic will be verified with the client via email/whatsapp)

Technical testing by AT team: Includes API test, load test, stress test) **Algo logic is NOT tested


User Acceptance Testing by client for 1 week

(Algo logic tested by client)

Bugs, if any, reported by client and resolved by AT team

Balance payment made by client

Project Completion

Algo system integrated into live trading

Maintenance & support provided in case of API changes